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What is a Lamb Bank?
The Lamb Bank is to connect those people with excess lambs they wish to sell with those people who would like to find additional lambs.

How do I advertise lambs?
Click on the 'My Lambs' links, simply fill in the details and then click Update. Please include the number of lambs, the breeds, their approximate age and a price. To delist your details at any time simply uncheck the Lambs For Sale checkbox

How do I look for lambs?
Click the 'Browse lambs' link, enter how far you're willing to travel and any keywords and then click 'Search'. If you do not find what you're after click 'Register for e-mail notification' and we will e-mail you if any lambs are added to the site that match your criteria. If you do find lambs that meet your criteria then simply call the seller.

Can I do anything to get other sheep farmers to use the site?
YES PLEASE! The more people using the site the more useful it will be for everybody. If you are on Facebook please 'Like' the site. Try contacting any of the following and encourage them to add a link to this website, mention it in a newsletter etc. Farm supply shops, feed merchants, smallholding groups, cattle markets, vets and any other local organisations you can think of. We've also created a small card design which can be printed off and stuck on notice boards.
Lamb Bank Notice Board Cards

Lastly, if you have a Facebook account don't forget to Like us. See button at top of page.

I run a Lamb Bank, how can I use the site?
If you're happy that the site does everything you are doing manually then please let people know that they can use the site to sell/find lambs directly rather than having to go through you. If you have any further questions about how you can manage that transition then please get in touch.

Why do I have to register?
This is to ensure that you cannot be contacted by anybody not registered with the site. If you are contacted by persons you think are not genuinely interested in your lambs then please let us know.

Should lambs be tagged?
Lambs should be tagged if moved. As at Apr 2013 there are currently two options. (but do check, DEFRA do change the rules regularly)
1) Double tag, (one tag in each ear) one of which must be EID. The tags must match and have flock number and a unique number on them
2) Lambs that are just going to slaughter only need to have one ear tag with the flock number on it - no other numbers allowed
As lambs ears are small and will grow, make sure that you put the tags such that the ear has room to grow.